Week 2 Schedule for Tuesday, July 13

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The Week Two schedule is as follows:

3rd/4th Grade: Two Games, 6pm tipoff.   

Lally vs Aglione - School Side Court

Begnoche vs Gibree - Street Side Court

5th/6th Grade: Two Games, 7pm tip

Trainor vs Busam - School Side

Hannigan vs Rinaldi - Street Side

7th/8th: Two Games, 8pm tip

Trainor vs Muldowney - School Side

Snowman vs Tarro - Street Side

High School: Two Games 9pm tip

Tarro vs Edsall - School Side

Perry vs Richard - Street Side

Please note that the SECOND TEAM listed in each matchup during each week of the season will wear the GREEN SIDE of their jerseys.  Jerseys will be handed out before tonight's game so please arrive about fifteen minutes early and find your coach.

Posted by Damien Edsall, Created Tue Jul 13, 2021