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Good evening, the league learned very recently that it will not have use of the courts it typically uses for Summer League at McCabe Elementary School.  Despite the school's grounds having been under construction we were confident that the courts themselves would be able to be used. That is no longer the case and Summer League will now be held entirely at Deerfield Park.

Unfortunately this means the days and times had to be changed from what was advertised previously during registration as the courts at Deerfield do not have lights meaning all games will need to be completed before darkness sets in around 8:30pm.  Thus the start times this coming week (7/20&7/21) for all divisions have been adjusted to the following:

3rd/4th Grade: Monday, 5:30pm

5th/6th Grade: Monday, 7:10pm

7th/8th Grade: Tuesday, 5:30pm

9th-12th Grade: Tuesday, 7:10pm

We realize this may have an effect on player participation - most especially in the two older divisions who's days and times have been completely altered because of it - as schedules that were set based on the nights and times we advertised are now no longer the case.  Our apologies for that.  If you find that your son is no longer able to play due to this schedule change please let the league know otherwise we thank you all for your understanding as we continue to navigate the hurdles 2020 has thrown at us.

Thanks very much!

SYBA Board of Directors


Posted by Damien Edsall, Created Wed Jul 15, 2020

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